Good news everyone, my tent can withstand at least 50 mph wind. Of course, it folds, twists, makes a ton of noise and tries to smother me, but it pops right back up and holds its own in what feels like tornado force winds. Can’t really ask for more than that can I?

A few weekends ago, I spent some time in Wyoming, camping at Vendauwoo with some good friends and their 1.5-year-old. They were in a scamper (good call) and I was in a tent (questionable call). Overall, the trip was really fun. We hiked, we camped, we made fires and told stories, we ate smores and drank wine, we watched the Ole Miss football game in a town that hates children in bars (good policy), and took hobo showers in the local grocery store. It was a dream of a weekend.

At a 3 hour drive, Cheyenne, Wyoming was the perfect distance for us. Side note, when you are traveling with a kid, you get to do things that you never do when you are traveling with only adults – for instance – Wendy’s. I haven’t eaten at a Wendy’s in years but thanks to my little BFF, we got delicious chicken nugs, french fries (how I have missed you) and lemonade. Can’t beat that with a stick.

But I digress, the landscape of Wyoming is pretty varied, which I enjoy a lot. And we went at the perfect time to enjoy the fall leaves, which I enjoy even more. As far as where we camped, minus the wind, I highly recommend Vedauwoo to camp. While it isn’t a backcountry camping experience, the campgrounds are awesome and have lots of hiking trails connected to them. It was the perfect place to bring a little gal who likes to run around and play in the dirt.

On a scale from one to I lived through having my tent trying to crush me and protect me at the same time – I give this trip a 10.